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About the O&P Virtual Library Project

The DRFOP is in the process of digitizing a massive collection of orthotic and prosthetic related reference material, making the full text of journals, articles and books freely available online in a keyword searchable format that is easy to access and use from anywhere in the world. The initial collection was donated by the widow of A. Bennett Wilson, Jr., a highly respected O&P professional who passed away a few years ago.

We are currently seeking assistance with acquiring more materials, obtaining permission to reproduce the materials online, and digitizing the materials. If you can help with any aspect of this project, please contact us.

Goal of the O&P Virtual Library Project

To develop an organized, searchable, functional digital library for the benefit of all members of the Orthotics and Prosthetics community.


  1. To digitize archived information and make it available online and accessible through keyword searches for professionals, consumers, providers and any other members of the orthotic and prosthetic community requiring information.

  2. To develop standards for information storage and delivery so that archived information from many different sources can be searched and accessed in a simple, uniform way.

  3. To create multiple delivery methods and enhanced online tools that increase the accessibility and usefulness of the archived information.

  4. To collaborate with organizations and information sources to put their existing and future material into a standardized information storage and delivery format, making it more accessible and more permanent. (Read this letter to collaborating organizations for more information.)

  5. To use established standards related to copyright, identifying original sources and pointing users to collaborating agencies for assistance and follow up.

For preliminary details on this project please read the following report, compiled by Carolyn Blythe to fulfill her NCOPE residency research requirement:
A. Bennett Wilson, Jr. Library Project: An Overview of the Technical and Organizational Principles Characteristic of Good Digital Collections (PDF)

Read about individual digitization projects that are currently underway.

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Home > O&P Virtual Library > About



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