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Limbloss Foundation Pakistan


C-182 BLOCK # 02 ,P.E.C.H.S
KARACHI, sind 75400

92-21-4541276 (Phone)
92-21-4541276 (Fax)

Sajid H. Ashrafi, Director
C-182 BLOCK # 02 ,P.E.C.H.S
Karachi, sind 75400

92-21-4541276 (Phone)
92-21-4541276 (Fax)

Type of Organization


Service Areas

Regions: Middle East, Asia
Countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladash
Specific cities, regions, or groups of people: PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED, especially amputees
Age Group: Adults, Children
Fees Charged: Sometimes

Services Provided

Prosthetic Fitting, Orthotic Fitting, Education, Prosthetic Fabrication, Orthotic Fabrication, Rehabilitation / Training
There is a facility/physical building for patient care at the specified location.
Accomodations for volunteers near or at the specified location.


Financial Assistance

Volunteers: Prosthetists, Orthotists, Technicians, Physicians, Nurses, Therapists

Materials, Components, and Equipment: New, Disassembled, Equipment, Used, Medical Supplies, Other: Used& New prosthatic & orthotic appliances

General Background Information

Historical Information
Founded in 2005 by Mr. Sajid A. Ashrafi
Total volunteers to date: 100
Annual average volunteer participation: 100
Total recipients of care to date: 500
Annual average recipients of care: 500

Financial Information
Organization does NOT provide funding for volunteers.
Volunteer needs to raise individual funds for all expenses.
Currently and Historically, the organization's funding and contributions have come from:
        Business: 0%
        Government: 0%
        Individuals: 30%
        Personal: 50%
        Other: 20%

Mission Statement
To establish the Most Modern Rehabilitation center of South Asian region in the vicinity of Karachi on the lines of developed countries to provide every moral and physical support to the amputees and other patients. To provide Modular Artificial Limbs (arms &legs) of international quality to the limbless persons all over Pakistan on No Profit No Loss basis while totally Free of Cost to the poor through Zakaat Fund (Special Islamic fund for the poor). To establish Research and Development center to make the manufacturing of Modular limbs possible in Pakistan on the lowest possible charges to cater the local as well as Regional requirement. These Development Centers will also provide technical training to help produce highly skilled staff for Prosthetic & Orthotic Rehabilitation centers all over Pakistan. To provide Vocational training facilities for special peoples to help them to get back to normal life. To extend financial help, loans and advice for special persons for small businesses. To provide legal advice to special persons. To develop programs for educating children of special peoples. To help and assist in securing Jobs, for special people. To help the people with physical disability resume normal life and play a positive role in the society with confidence and dignity. To form Satellite centers in all big cities of Pakistan to help the patients get facilities on local basis.

Additional Information & Comments

Limbloss Foundation Pakistan a non profit /non political organization /non religious organization was established in Sep, 2005 for the welfare of physically disabled, especially limbless persons by providing them modular limbs of international quality on no profit no loss basis while absolutely free of cost to those who are deserving and can not afford the expensive, imported modular limbs and are compelled to use the conventional limbs which are heavy and uncomfortable while people with Limbloss can live 80% like a normal person with the help of modular Limbs. The foundation was made with the framework considering the need of facilitating disabled persons to make them active and independent with a positive role in the society.


On 8th October, 2005 a devastating Erath quake jolts the Northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir causing loss of life & infrastructure. This Earth quake was the worst disaster of the Country.

The LIMBLOSS FOUNDATION PAKISTAN immediately diverting all its energies towards this disaster Zone and established a Rehabilitation Centre at Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad .

More than half of all amputees of the Earth quake Zone have been treated and were provided over 500 LIMBS and ORTHOTIC support. At this Centre we promise to provide LIFE TIME HELP & SUPPORT TO ALL EARTH QUAKE AFFECTEES FREE OF CHARGE.

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Phone: (352) 872-5400

Fax: (352) 332-0161


3870 NW 83rd St, Gainesville FL 32606