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Shifa Rehabilitation Center for Disabled


Jawad Hussain
Ground Floor Modern Medical Center
Near Shifa Medical Center
Mingor, Saidu Sharif Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhawah 19200

00923009008257 (Phone)
0092946721849 (Fax)

Jawad Hussain, Director
Ground Floor Modern Medical Center,
Near Shifa Medical Center
Mingor, Saidu Sharif Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhawah 19200

3009008257 (Phone)
0092946721849 (Fax)

Type of Organization


Service Areas

Regions: Middle East
Countries: Pakistan and Kashmir
Specific cities, regions, or groups of people: Hyderabad, Multan, Karachi, Swat, Muzaffarabad AJK
Age Group: Adults, Children
Fees Charged: Sometimes

Services Provided

Prosthetic Fitting, Orthotic Fitting, Medical Equipment / Supplies, Education, Prosthetic Fabrication, Orthotic Fabrication, Rehabilitation / Training
There is a facility/physical building for patient care at the specified location.
Accomodations for volunteers near or at the specified location.


Financial Assistance

Volunteers: Prosthetists, Orthotists, Technicians

Materials, Components, and Equipment: New, Disassembled, Equipment, Used, Medical Supplies, Other: Wheel Cahirs, Toilet Seats, Walking Frames, Crutches,CP Chairs, Physiotherapy Equipments

General Background Information

Historical Information
Founded in 2013 by Mr. Jawad Hussain
Total volunteers to date: 20
Annual average volunteer participation: 9-10
Total recipients of care to date: 40
Annual average recipients of care: 19-20
This organization has a business/financial relationship with another organization.
     Name: Environmental Protection Society, EPS
     Address: Saidu Chowk, Darbar, Saidu Sahrif Swat KPK Pakistan

Financial Information
Organization does NOT provide funding for volunteers.
Volunteer needs to raise individual funds for all expenses.
Currently and Historically, the organization's funding and contributions have come from:
        Business: 20%
        Individuals: 20%
        Personal: 20%
        Other: 40%

Mission Statement
Shifa Rehabilitation Center for Disabled (SRCD) is a private self-sustained, healthcare Program on national level. Initially the headquarter was in Rawalpindi with the name Physical Rehabilitation Program Pakistan (PRPP) but, seeing the activities in KPK it was shifted to Saidu Sharif Swat with fully operational facilities for Persons with Disabilities who seek consultation in Prosthetics, Orthotics, Physiotherapy and Audiology. The Vision of the SRCD is to “serve the humanity” We exist to promote, preserve and restore the health of PWDs, with a Mission to Serve/treat/rehabilitate all the Persons with Disabilities and to make them able to think and act fully independently leading to their active involvement in the community necessary for a healthy and prosperous society.

Additional Information & Comments

SRCD was established as a full fledge rehabilitation center for disabled in District Swat after completing a nationwide project, with the collaboration of a government department which was funded by World Bank. In this project which was started in March 2013 and, ended in August 2014 was carried out for the rehabilitation of some 1400 disabled persons including children, adults and old aged. Most of the patients had amputations and numerous others had other neuro-muscular and muskulu-skeletal disorders. SRCD did all the need based assessments and then started work to fabricate Prostheses for amputees, Orthoses for other PWDs who needed it and, arranged assistive devices for needy disabled people. Thankfully, SRCD did the project successfully.
After the completion of this nationwide project SRCD has now founded a rehabilitation center for disabled in Swat. Swat is a war affected area and soon after establishing the center we did numerous free medical camps to have a clue of disability ratio. What we experienced is that most of disabled people in this region even do not have access to basic medical facilities. We have a list of some more than four hundred disabled people who were screened in the free medical camps. These Disabled people now need Prostheses and Orthoses. Beside these Disabled people who need Prosthetics and orthotics, five hundred disabled people need assistive devices and numerous others who need Physiotherapy and occupational therapy services.
Apart from the PWDs assessed in the free medical camps, SRCD receives huge number of non-affording PWDs daily in its OPD, who need prosthetic and orthotic devices. Unfortunately here in Pakistan neither incentives nor free treatment is available to the PWDs who seek prosthetics and Orthotics treatment. SRCD with its limited resources, striving hard to fill the gaps between non-affording disabled people and the prosthetics and orthotics services by providing Prosthetics and orthotics to non-affording disabled either with the help of individual donors who give monetary donations or with the help of other partner organizations who donate disassembled Prostheses in the form of in-kind donations for the treatment of these non-affording PWDs. The monetary donations we receive are much lesser for the actual needs and what SRCD does is to put the PWDs on a long waiting list.
Though we do charge some disabled people for their prosthetic devices which we fabricate for then indoor at SRCD, yet the number of those paying Disabled people is so much less that we hardly manage to sustain our day to day costs and we are still unable to fabricate prostheses for number of amputees who cannot afford to have made one for them.
Now to compensate the situation and to fulfill the need of Prosthetics and orthotics, I as the CEO of SRCD is requesting you to kindly take some positive steps and help us so that we can further help these poor patients.

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Home > O&P/Rehab Humanitarian Database > Organization Fact Sheet



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