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Range of Motion Project, NFP


Eric Neufeld
Range of Motion Project, NFP
180 N. LaSalle St. Ste. 3200
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

312.420.3748 (Phone)
312.420.3748 (Fax)

Eric Neufeld, Director
180 N. LaSalle St.
Ste 3200
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

312.420.3748 (Phone)
312.420.3748 (Fax)

Type of Organization

ID: DLN: 17053111007025
Type: 501(C)(3)

Service Areas

Regions: Central America
Countries: Guatemala
Specific cities, regions, or groups of people: Kevin O'Hallaran Rehabilitation Center on the grounds of the Zacapa Regional Hospital, Disabled adults and children seen in our clinic, area hospitals, orphanages and other clinics.
Age Group: Adults, Children
Fees Charged: No

Services Provided

Prosthetic Fitting, Orthotic Fitting, Medical Equipment / Supplies, Funding, Prosthetic Fabrication, Orthotic Fabrication, Rehabilitation / Training
There is a facility/physical building for patient care at the specified location.
Accomodations for volunteers near or at the specified location.


Financial Assistance

Volunteers: Prosthetists, Orthotists, Technicians, Lay Persons, Therapists, Other: translators

Materials, Components, and Equipment: New, Disassembled, Equipment, Used, Medical Supplies, Other: Rehab equipment

General Background Information

Historical Information
Founded in 2005 by Eric Neufeld CO, David Krupa CP, Josh Kaplan Esq.
Total volunteers to date: 15
Annual average volunteer participation: 15
Total recipients of care to date: 176
Annual average recipients of care: 176
This organization has a business/financial relationship with another Non-Profit organization.
     Name: Hearts in Motion, NFP
     Address: 3319 W. 45th St. Highland, IN 46322

Financial Information
Organization provides partial funding for volunteers.
Volunteer needs to raise individual funds for all expenses.
Currently and Historically, the organization's funding and contributions have come from:
        Business: 5%
        Government: 0%
        Individuals: 80%
        Personal: 10%
        Other: 5%

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide no-cost prosthetic limbs and orthotic devices to those who cannot afford, or do not have access to these services. We recently completed construction of a fully functional laboratory in Zacapa, Guatemala and have begun treating this very needy population. We are always looking for volunteers and donations of rehabilitation materials including used prosthetic and orthotic devices.

Additional Information & Comments

ROMP operates regardless of religious or political affiliation. ROMP recognizes the hardship of living in poverty without a prosthetic or orthotic device and understands how important these, often times simple devices, are to those who do not have access to them. In many cases, a prosthetic or orthotic device is a critical component in a disabled person's rehabilitation. With this "tool", independence, mobility and involvement in community and the socio-economic structure can become more attainable. Rehabilitation has the power to increase visibility of the disabled and awareness can change attitudes and help people see that "disability" is only as crippling as the barriers we let stand in our minds and in our world. Together, with the help of trained prosthetists and orthotists, care givers, volunteers and generous donors, ROMP's vision of offering independence and hope to countless individuals is becoming a reality.

This organization has endorsed the ISPO Code of Conduct for International Non-Governmental Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Mobility Assistance.



Phone: (352) 872-5400

Fax: (352) 332-0161


3870 NW 83rd St, Gainesville FL 32606

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